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Console War Ends: Atari & Intellivision Unite After 40 Years

Atari has acquired the Intellivision brand from Intellivision.

Atari and Intellivision join forces, ending a 40-year console war and ushering a new era in classic gaming.

Atari & Intellivision

A Historic Deal Brings Peace to the Console War

It’s been over 40 years in the making, but the early console war has finally come to a definitive end. Atari has acquired the Intellivision brand from Intellivision Entertainment LLC, along with rights to over 200 titles and the Intellivision trademarks. These two brands clashed in the late ’70s and early ’80s, but now, that rivalry is just a part of gaming history.

Atari & Intellivision

Atari’s Plans for Intellivision Expansion

According to the announcement, Atari is set to expand both the physical and digital distribution of Intellivision games. In addition to brand and licensing opportunities, there’s even the possibility of entirely new games. However, what those new games might look like remains a mystery.

“We acquired the Intellivision brand and game library. This was a very rare opportunity to unite former competitors and bring together fans of the golden age of gaming.” – Wade Rosen

The Role of Digital Eclipse

Atari-owned studio Digital Eclipse is known for creating incredible collections of emulated older games, often blending arcade action with museum-like presentations. Doing something similar to their previous works, but for Intellivision, seems like a natural progression. Interestingly, Mike Mika, the head of Digital Eclipse, was the first person quoted in the press release regarding Atari’s new acquisition.

Rebranding and Future of the Amico Console

Intellivision Entertainment LLC will rebrand and continue work on the Amico game console, now under license from Atari. The Amico, which has experienced a tumultuous development phase since its announcement in 2018, will distribute Intellivision games if it ever sees the light of day. In November 2023, the company admitted it couldn’t afford to produce the physical consoles at the time.

“Atari has been a valuable partner and we have every confidence they will be a responsible steward of the storied Intellivision brand.” – Phil Adam, CEO of Intellivision Entertainment

Looking Ahead: Collaboration and New Titles

Phil Adam, CEO of Intellivision Entertainment, expressed optimism about the collaboration with Atari, emphasizing the potential for new Atari and Intellivision titles to reach the Amico and Amico Home family gaming platforms.

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The unification of Atari and Intellivision marks the end of a historic console war and the beginning of a promising era for classic gaming enthusiasts. With plans for new games and expanded distribution, fans of both brands have much to look forward to. This unprecedented collaboration could set a new standard for preserving and revitalizing vintage gaming.


– What does the acquisition of Intellivision by Atari mean for gamers?

This acquisition means that Atari will now expand both the physical and digital distribution of Intellivision games, potentially bringing new titles to the market.

– Will there be new Intellivision games released by Atari?

While there’s talk of new games, it’s still unclear what those might look like. Atari-owned Digital Eclipse may play a key role in this development.

– What will happen to the Intellivision Amico console?

Intellivision Entertainment will rebrand and continue work on the Amico console under license from Atari, aiming to distribute Intellivision games on it.

– How long did the Atari and Intellivision rivalry last?

The rivalry spanned over 40 years, starting in the late ’70s and early ’80s and finally coming to an end with this acquisition.

– Where can I find the best Intellivision games?

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