DOOM 64 Dreamcast Feature DOOM 64 Dreamcast Feature

DOOM 64 On Sega Dreamcast : A Must-See Revival!

Discover what’s in store for this iconic game as it makes a comeback!

Get ready for a blast from the past with DOOM 64 on Sega Dreamcast . Discover what’s in store for this iconic game as it makes a comeback!

Doom 64 Dreamcast Feature
Doom 64 Dreamcast Feature

Exciting Revival of DOOM 64 for Sega Dreamcast

A passionate homebrew developer has recently taken the gaming community by storm with a work-in-progress port of the 1997 classic, DOOM 64, for the Sega Dreamcast. This thrilling project is led by none other than jnmartin84, a developer previously known for porting OpenLara to the Nintendo 64, as highlighted by YouTuber thesegaguru.

DOOM 64 Dreamcast Work-In-Progress
DOOM 64 Dreamcast Work-In-Progress

Current State of Development

Jnmartin84’s port of DOOM 64 is still under active development. The gameplay video shared online showcases an unfinished build, crafted with KallistiOS and captured on an authentic Sega Dreamcast. While unmistakably DOOM 64, the video reveals significant graphical glitches, including textures frequently disappearing and reappearing, as well as an incomplete HUD. Despite these issues, the pause menu appears fully operational.

“In its current state, DOOM 64 for the Dreamcast has no enemies, no guns, and no audio whatsoever.” – jnmartin84

Dreamcast HDMI Cable
Dreamcast HDMI Cable

Performance Insights

Despite its current limitations, the port runs at a respectable framerate. Jnmartin84 skillfully navigates through the levels originally featured in Midway’s iconic title, showcasing the potential of this exciting project. It’s clear that there is much work to be done, but the foundation is promising.

Support from the Homebrew Community

The homebrew community has shown tremendous support for this project. Several developers have commented on jnmartin84’s video, offering encouragement, advice, and suggestions to help improve the port. This collaborative spirit is a testament to the passion and dedication within the gaming community.

A Look Back: Developer Journey

In the video comments, jnmartin84 shared some insights into their journey. After a 20-year hiatus from Dreamcast development, they resumed work with libdream and KOS in 2003. According to the developer, the API hasn’t changed much, making it easier to revive old projects.

Falco Girgis, another respected developer, celebrated the achievement on Twitter, expressing excitement over the early footage of DOOM 64 on the Sega Dreamcast using KallistiOS. This camaraderie among developers is inspiring and showcases the shared desire to keep retro gaming alive and kicking.


The ongoing effort to bring DOOM 64 to the Sega Dreamcast is a remarkable example of the dedication and passion within the gaming community. Despite the current hurdles, the project holds great promise and has captured the attention and support of fellow developers and gamers alike. We eagerly anticipate further updates on this exciting revival.


When will DOOM 64 be fully playable on the Sega Dreamcast?
While there is no official release date, the project is actively being developed. Stay tuned for updates!

What are the main challenges in porting DOOM 64 to the Sega Dreamcast?
The primary challenges include overcoming graphical glitches, completing the HUD, and adding essential gameplay elements like enemies, weapons, and audio.

Can I contribute to the development of DOOM 64 on the Dreamcast?
Yes, the homebrew community is very supportive. You can offer advice, suggestions, or even collaborate directly with the developer.

What other projects has jnmartin84 worked on?
Jnmartin84 is also known for porting OpenLara to the Nintendo 64.

Where can I watch the gameplay video of DOOM 64 on the Dreamcast?
The video is available on YouTube, shared by thesegaguru.

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