Chrono Trigger Fandub Feature Chrono Trigger Fandub Feature

Revived Voices: Chrono Trigger Fandub Electrifies Fans!

Discover how the “Chrono Trigger Fandub” project breathes new life into beloved characters.

Discover how the “Chrono Trigger Fandub” project breathes new life into beloved characters.

Chrono Trigger Fandub Feature
Chrono Trigger Fandub Feature

Introduction to the Chrono Trigger Fandub

Imagine your favorite characters from the classic JRPG, Chrono Trigger, suddenly speaking with vibrant, emotional voices. Thanks to Project: Green Dream, this fantasy is becoming a reality. A fresh fandub of Square’s beloved game looks not just to mimic but to revitalize the game’s iconic cast – from Crono to Ayla – with full voiceovers, turning a silent classic into a speaking spectacle.

Behind the Scenes of the Fandub

The magic of the “Chrono Trigger Fandub” emerges from the passion and dedication of Project: Green Dream, a team of enthusiastic fans. Directed by Katie Retondo, a known figure in both the gaming and fashion YouTube spheres, and co-directed by David Giltinan, who also manages sound balancing, this project is truly a labor of love. Nirosmir’s fresh visuals add another layer of polish to this ambitious endeavor.

“It’s an ode to one of history’s greatest games,” Project: Green Dream states, echoing the sentiments of countless fans worldwide.

Join the Adventure

The recently dropped trailer has already generated buzz, hinting at the imminent release of Episode 1. For those looking to be more than just spectators, there’s an open call for voice actors. This unique opportunity allows fans to voice an NPC character, further enhancing the communal spirit of the “Chrono Trigger Fandub.”

Future Aspirations and Challenges

While currently a non-playable movie, director Katie Retondo reveals considerations are underway to transform this fandub into a game mod, albeit recognizing the substantial increase in workload this would entail. Despite the challenges, the direction is clear: to expand and explore the boundaries of the “Chrono Trigger Fandub.”

Legacy of Chrono Trigger

Released in 1995 by Square for the SNES, Chrono Trigger was crafted by a ‘Dream Team’ of developers. The game sold over 3.5 million copies in its first year and received widespread acclaim, influencing many subsequent RPGs. Its sequel, Chrono Cross, continued this legacy on the PS1, introducing a new cast and adventures across parallel worlds.

In conclusion, the “Chrono Trigger Fandub” project not only revisits but revitalizes a pivotal piece of gaming history. By injecting new voices into cherished characters, it connects new and old fans alike, making the timeless tale even more enchanting.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the “Chrono Trigger Fandub”?
    • It’s a fan-made project giving voice to characters from the game Chrono Trigger.
  • Who is leading the Chrono Trigger Fandub project?
    • Katie Retondo leads, with David Giltinan as co-director.
  • Can I participate in the Chrono Trigger Fandub?
    • Yes, fans can apply to voice NPC characters by contacting Chrono Katie on Twitter.
  • Will there be a playable version of the Chrono Trigger Fandub?
    • Currently, it is a movie, but a game mod is being considered.
  • How was Chrono Trigger initially received?
    • Released in 1995, it was critically acclaimed and sold over 3.5 million copies in its first year.

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