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DIY Gamer’s Dream: RyzenDeck Revolutionizes Portable Gaming!

Discover how the RyzenDeck changes portable gaming with AMD 5600G.

Discover how the RyzenDeck changes portable gaming with AMD 5600G.

RyzenDeck Featured
RyzenDeck Featured

Introduction to RyzenDeck

Imagine a handheld PC so robust that it can run your favorite PC games anywhere, anytime. Enter the RyzenDeck, a chunky marvel of modern engineering, crafted by a visionary Redditor named Raven0606. This isn’t your average gaming gadget; it’s a childhood dream turned reality, a bespoke beast designed to handle emulators with ease.

Dream to Reality: The Creation of RyzenDeck

Raven0606’s journey began with a simple wish: to take PC gaming on the road. After nine arduous months of design and assembly, the RyzenDeck came to life.

RyzenDeck Back
RyzenDeck Back

It’s built around a 3D printed shell that cradles an 8-inch Waveshare touchscreen and is decked out with custom LED lighting for that extra flair. The unit tips the scales at 1.5 kg—sans battery—making it a hefty companion.

Under the Hood: RyzenDeck’s Performance

Let’s talk power. The RyzenDeck isn’t just about looks; it’s a performance powerhouse. It can smoothly run demanding titles like ‘The Witcher 3‘ at a respectable 45-55 fps, thanks to its mix of low and mid graphic settings and an overclocked 4000mhz RAM.

RyzenDeck Top
RyzenDeck Top

With a beefy 108wh battery externally mounted, it promises up to four hours of gameplay, while twin colossal fans keep everything cool during intense gaming sessions.

A Serendipitous Naming

Interestingly, the RyzenDeck’s name is a nod to Valve’s Steam Deck, a similarity Raven0606 discovered mid-project. This serendipitous twist only added to the charm of the build, acknowledging a fellow titan in portable gaming.

Specifications Breakdown

For the tech enthusiasts, here’s a closer look at what makes RyzenDeck tick:

  • Display: 8-inch Waveshare, 1280x800p, touchscreen
  • Mainboard: x300m-stx AM4
  • CPU: Ryzen 5 – 5600G, 6c/12t
  • GPU: Vega 7 (iGPU)
  • RAM: DDR4-4000mhz (overclocked)
  • SSD: Crucial P3 1TB

Raven0606 is currently enjoying the fruits of their labor, with no immediate plans for a new project. They hinted at possibly exploring game development, pondering a dive into C++ and Unreal Engine collaborations with their spouse. It’s clear that the journey of the RyzenDeck is just one chapter in an ongoing saga of creativity and passion in gaming.


  • What inspired the creation of the RyzenDeck? Raven0606 wanted to fulfill a childhood dream of playing emulators and PC games on the go.
  • How long did it take to build the RyzenDeck? The construction of the RyzenDeck took about nine months.
  • What are the main features of the RyzenDeck? It features a 3D printed casing, an 8-inch touchscreen, custom LED lights, and robust cooling systems.
  • Can the RyzenDeck handle high-performance games? Yes, it can run games like ‘The Witcher 3’ between 45-55 fps with its high-spec configurations.
  • What does the future hold for Raven0606? Raven0606 plans to take a break from hardware and possibly explore game development with C++ and Unreal Engine.

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