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Mullet Madjack Review: Fast-Paced, Explosive Fun You Can’t Miss

Experience Mullet Madjack’s breakneck action with intense speed-run stages and unique roguelike elements that keep you hooked for hours.

Experience Mullet Madjack breakneck action with intense speed-run stages and unique roguelike elements that keep you hooked for hours.

A New Breed of Boomer Shooter

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a surge in the boomer shooter genre, packing in that nostalgic punch of early PC gun games with high-octane gameplay and stunning pixel art. Yet, to stand out today, these retro-inspired FPS games need more than just a classic feel. That’s where Mullet Madjack comes in, smashing its way to the forefront with intense speed-run stages and a roguelike twist.

Storyline: A Glimpse into the Future

In a not-so-distant future, humanity is ruled by corrupt AI overlords known as Robillionaires. Our hero, Mullet Madjack, is the audacious warrior willing to risk it all to take down these malevolent entities and rescue a princess. The twist? He must do it while streaming his brutal escapades to an audience that can only stay entertained for ten seconds before needing a dopamine hit.

Mullet Madjack
Mullet Madjack

Gameplay: Speed, Strategy, and Style

You can imagine this setup means gameplay is incredibly fast-paced. Each stage gives Mullet Madjack just ten seconds to decimate robotic foes and earn more time. While firearms are key, your dash kick is even more crucial. This melee attack sends enemies flying into environmental hazards, earning you extra seconds and adding a layer of strategy.

Very little feels better than bouncing between baddies and causing a whole lot of death as you do, and that’s exactly what Mullet Madjack is about.

Upgrades: Enhancing Your Arsenal

Despite the abundance of ways to cause chaos in Mullet Madjack, it’s easy to run out of time. Between floors, you’ll access upgrades to enhance your survival chances—from more powerful weapons to time-extending abilities. Personally, I often chose environmental kill bonuses and time-slowing abilities to maximize my efficiency.

Roguelike Elements: Endless Replayability

Each playthrough of Mullet Madjack is unique thanks to its roguelike nature. The stages and upgrades are randomized, ensuring a fresh experience every time. Instead of starting from scratch upon death, you restart the current chapter, each consisting of ten floors and a boss fight without a time limit. This structure keeps the game engaging and challenging.

Variety in Stages: Never a Dull Moment

The stages evolve as you progress, introducing new challenges like acid pits, wall-running sections, and laser grids. This constant change, paired with new enemies and perks, ensures you never get bored and can hardly put the controller down.

Mullet Madjack Gameplay
Mullet Madjack Gameplay

Visuals and Presentation: A Feast for the Eyes

Beyond its engaging gameplay, Mullet Madjack captivates with its vibrant, anime-inspired visuals. The special kills you can perform with melee weapons add a spectacular flair, assuming you can handle a bit of robot gore.

Minor Gripes: What Could Be Better

While Mullet Madjack shines in many areas, it’s not without flaws. Some level segments appear repetitively, especially in the early stages. The game can also feel unforgiving if a single misstep costs you a run. However, various difficulty settings, including one that removes the time limit, offer some respite for those struggling.

Mullet Madjack Visuals
Mullet Madjack Visuals


Mullet Madjack is a breakneck boomer shooter brimming with charm. Its clever speed-run gameplay, combined with roguelike elements, keeps you coming back for more. Although it can be frustratingly challenging, those who can keep pace will find it a thrilling ride through endless robotic corridors.


  • Is Mullet Madjack suitable for casual gamers?
    Yes, Mullet Madjack offers various difficulty levels, including an accessible mode that removes the time limit, making it suitable for casual gamers.
  • How long is a typical playthrough of Mullet Madjack?
    A single playthrough can vary, but given its roguelike elements and ten chapters, expect several hours of gameplay.
  • What platforms is Mullet Madjack available on?
    Mullet Madjack is available on PC with plans for potential console releases in the future.
  • Can the game be paused during a stage?
    Unfortunately, due to its fast-paced nature and time limit, stages cannot be paused to maintain the game’s intensity.
  • Are there any multiplayer features in Mullet Madjack?
    As of now, Mullet Madjack is a single-player experience focusing on its intense, story-driven gameplay.

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