Short Stack Nintendo Wii Short Stack Nintendo Wii

Unveiling The Short Stack: World’s Tiniest Nintendo Wii!

Experience gaming marvel with the Short Stack Nintendo Wii.

Experience gaming marvel with the Short Stack Nintendo Wii.

Short Stack Nintendo Wii
Short Stack Nintendo Wii

Introduction to Miniature Magic

Ever caught yourself dreaming of Nintendo releasing miniature versions of their classic consoles? While the elusive N64 Mini remains just beyond our grasp, the vibrant retro gaming community isn’t just sitting around. They’re crafting the kind of tech marvels we fantasize about. Enter the Short Stack Nintendo Wii, a pint-sized powerhouse that mirrors the size of a standard deck of cards.

The Genius Behind The Gadget

James Smith, a modder with a flair for the extraordinary, transformed the Wii Mini concept into the Short Stack. Despite its diminutive size, this fully-functional console maintains the sleek, clean aesthetics of its full-sized forebear, albeit without the cumbersome GameCube controller ports of the original.

“I redesigned the panel to be a sliding one, ditching the hinged design I always disliked.” – James Smith

A Mighty Mini Console

Our adventure through the world of modded Wii consoles was ignited by a feature on Tom’s Hardware. From the handheld Wii to the minty fresh Kill Mii variant, the Short Stack stands out with its feasibility and style. Holding the essence of the original Wii, it even accommodates classic GameCube controllers for an authentic gaming experience.

GameCube Controller Adapter
GameCube Controller Adapter

DIY Your Own Short Stack

Fancy making a Short Stack yourself? James has generously shared detailed instructions on his GitHub page. Though, be warned, this isn’t a beginner’s DIY project. You’ll need a solid understanding of electronics and a steady hand to bring this tiny titan to life.

The Future of Mini Consoles

Will the Short Stack hold its title as the smallest Wii? It’s only a matter of time before another tech enthusiast steps up to challenge it. But for now, the Short Stack reigns supreme as a testament to ingenuity and nostalgia in the gaming world.

In conclusion, the Short Stack Nintendo Wii not only captivates with its size but also with its functionality and homage to the original designs. It’s a stellar example of how passion and innovation can shrink even the most beloved consoles into something you can almost tuck into your wallet.


  • How big is the Short Stack Nintendo Wii?
    It’s about the size of a standard deck of playing cards.
  • Can the Short Stack play all Wii games?
    Yes, it uses a microSD card to load games.
  • Does it support GameCube controllers?
    Absolutely, it’s designed to use original GameCube controllers.
  • Where can I find instructions to build my own?
    James Smith has posted the instructions on his GitHub page.
  • Is this a project suitable for beginners?
    It’s more suited for those with some experience in modding or electronics.

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