Epyx Collection Ignites Nintendo Switch with Atari Lynx Gems

Relive Atari Lynx classics with Epyx Collection on Nintendo Switch!

Relive Atari Lynx classics with Epyx Collection on Nintendo Switch!

Epyx Collection Handheld
Epyx Collection Handheld

Introduction: A Blast from the Past

Every so often, an email pops up that sends shivers of excitement down my spine. Just recently, one such message heralded the arrival of the ‘Epyx Collection’ for the Nintendo Switch – and let me tell you, it’s a big deal for us retro gaming aficionados at Retro Dodo Towers. This isn’t just another release; it’s a revival of the iconic Atari Lynx titles, a console that shimmered briefly yet brightly in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

Unleashing the Classics

The Epyx Collection, masterminded by Pixel Games UK and Imagine Software, is set to reintroduce six stellar games that have never graced the Nintendo Switch before. Scheduled for release on April 25th, this collection is a treasure trove for those who cherished the original Atari Lynx experience and a fresh adventure for newcomers.

Atari Game Cases
Atari Game Cases

What’s in the Box?

Diving into the Epyx Collection, you’ll find the ever-exciting ‘California Games’ alongside classics like ‘Blue Lightning’ and ‘ElectroCop’. Each game offers a unique slice of entertainment, whether it’s surfing and skateboarding on the sunny beaches of California or navigating the perilous streets as a cybernetic cop. With additional titles like ‘Gates of Zendocon’, ‘Todd’s Adventures in Slime World’, and ‘Zarlor Mercenary’, there’s an array of genres and stories to explore.

More Than Just Games

“This isn’t just a game; it’s a ticket back to the golden era of gaming,” stated a spokesperson from Pixel Games.

These aren’t mere ports; they come enhanced with features like suspend points and live rewind, allowing players to tackle challenging sections with ease. Plus, the nostalgic CRT-style filter recreates the quintessential ’80s gaming vibe right on your modern Switch.

Keeping the Legacy Alive

Pixel Games isn’t just selling games; they’re preserving history. The Epyx Collection includes 3D rendered versions of the original game cartridges and remastered instruction manuals – a nod to the era when these booklets were as treasured as the games themselves.

A Steal of a Deal

Set to drop on the Nintendo eShop this April 25th, the Epyx Collection is priced at just £11.99 – that’s roughly £2 per game. For anyone who grew up in the glow of a CRT screen or those yet to discover the magic of retro gaming, this collection is an unmissable bargain.

In conclusion, the Epyx Collection brings more than just nostalgia; it offers a gateway to revisit or discover the pioneering spirit of the Atari Lynx. It’s a heartfelt homage to a bygone era, crafted with an eye for detail and respect for history – ensuring these classics won’t be forgotten.


  • Why is the Epyx Collection special? It reintroduces six Atari Lynx classics to the Nintendo Switch, some for the first time.
  • What games are included? ‘California Games’, ‘Blue Lightning’, ‘ElectroCop’, ‘Gates of Zendocon’, ‘Todd’s Adventures in Slime World’, and ‘Zarlor Mercenary’.
  • What new features does it offer? Suspend points, live rewind, and a CRT-style filter among others.
  • When is it available? It’s dropping on the Nintendo eShop on April 25th.
  • How much does it cost? The entire collection is available for just £11.99.

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