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Godzilla Unleashed: Dive Into Dave’s Epic Underwater Showdown

Get ready for Godzilla epic appearance in Dave the Diver – uncover hidden depths in the Blue Hole.

Get ready for Godzilla epic appearance in Dave the Diver on May 23. Dive into adventure and uncover hidden depths in the Blue Hole.

Monsters Lurking in the Depths

Monstrous giants lurk in the unfathomable depths of the Blue Hole, their formidable presence striking terror into the hearts of any who dare to venture into their domain. They interfere with Dave’s tranquil fishing pursuits, yet unwittingly become prime ingredients for his sushi restaurant. Their colossal forms lend an unexpected and savory twist to the culinary creations.

An Underwater Encounter with Godzilla

Godzilla, the mighty monarch of monsters whose legendary reign celebrates its 70th anniversary this year, now emerges to make a historic appearance within the depths of the Blue Hole. Prepare to encounter the awe-inspiring Godzilla, arriving May 23.

Godzilla G-Force
“Godzilla was wounded. We tracked down its brainwaves, and they led us here…”

G-Force on the Trail

G-Force, an international joint military organization formed by the United Nations and the JSDF, is tasked with the paramount mission of safeguarding humanity and upholding global peace. They follow Godzilla’s trail, leading them to the elusive depths of the Blue Hole.

Kaiju Discovered in the Abyss

While diving in the shadowy depths of the Blue Hole looking for fish, Dave is confronted with Godzilla, injured and recovering from his wounds. Wariness grips the mighty titan as he senses Dave’s approach, but it looks like he might just need some assistance from an unexpected ally.

Kaiju in the Abyss
Kaiju in the Abyss

Watch Out for the Relentless Kaiju in Pursuit

Embark on an exhilarating adventure in the Godzilla DLC where you’ll engage in a heart-pounding pursuit with Ebirah, the iconic deep-sea Kaiju from the 1966 live-action movie Ebirah, Horror of the Deep. Plunge into the oceanic depths to evade Ebirah’s assaults as the creature relentlessly pursues the submarine carrying Dave and Miki.

Ebirah Pursuit
Ebirah Pursuit
Deep-Sea Kaiju
Deep-Sea Kaiju

Epic Battle with Ebirah

Harpoons prove ineffective against the Kaiju’s impenetrable shell. In a daring move, Dave abandons his usual gear for a more formidable approach. Boarding the G-Force submarine to confront Ebirah head-on. Despite his lack of experience in submarine piloting, Dave needs to stay focused to penetrate Ebirah’s shell.

Epic Battle
Epic Battle

On Whose Side Does Godzilla Stand…?

Godzilla is infamous for his city-razing rampages, yet beneath his fearsome exterior lies its true nature, defending the planet against looming threats. When another malevolent Kaiju emerges Godzilla’s allegiance might unexpectedly align with yours.



Beneath the calm surface of Dave the Diver’s world lies a host of lurking dangers in the depths. Amidst the looming presence of Godzilla, brace yourself and venture into the increasingly perilous depths of the Blue Hole.


  • What is the release date of the Godzilla DLC for Dave the Diver?
    The Godzilla DLC for Dave the Diver will be available on May 23.
  • How long will the Godzilla DLC be available?
    The Godzilla Content Pack is a time-limited free DLC, only available from May 23 until November 23.
  • What role does G-Force play in the Godzilla DLC?
    G-Force, an international military organization, plays a crucial role in tracking and confronting Godzilla within the Blue Hole.
  • Who is Ebirah in the Godzilla DLC?
    Ebirah is an iconic deep-sea Kaiju from the 1966 movie Ebirah, Horror of the Deep, featured in a thrilling pursuit sequence in the DLC.
  • Can Dave pilot the G-Force submarine in the DLC?
    Yes, Dave pilots the G-Force submarine in an epic battle against Ebirah, despite his lack of submarine piloting experience.

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